1. Turn off the Inogen One® G3 concentrator by pressing the power button to shut down the device. Remove the Inogen One® G3 concentrator from the carry bag.

NOTE: Column change instructions are only to be used when maintenance is required and are not intended for practice purposes. Your InoGen One® G3 will alert: Replace Columns or O2 Service Soon (depending on model). Follow the below instructions to change the columns on your Inogen One® G3.

2. Remove the battery from the Inogen One® G3 concentrator.

3. Turn the Inogen One® G3 over so that it is standing in the upside-down position where the display panel is facing down and the bottom of the Inogen One® G3 is facing up.

4. Remove column by pressing the latch button with thumb or finger.

5. While holding the button open, insert the column tool underneath the opposite side of the column (metal tube) with the other hand.

6. While still holding the button open, slide the column (metal tube) out by pushing with the column tool.

7. Remove the column completely from the Inogen One® G3, and then repeat steps 4-7 for the other column.

8. For the column installation, remove dust caps of the new column. Make sure there is no dust or debris where the dust caps are located.

9. Insert the column into the Inogen One® G3 concentrator. Do not leave the column exposed; it should be inserted into the Inogen One® G3 as soon as the dust caps have been removed.

10. Push the column into the device such that the column is fully seated into the Inogen One® G3 concentrator. The spring-loaded latch button should fully return to the locked and closed position. Repeat steps 8-10 to install the other column.

11. Connect the AC power supply cord to the Inogen One® G3 and plug the power supply AC Cord into an electrical outlet. Do NOT power ON the Inogen One® G3 concentrator.

12. Press and hold the light button for 10 seconds and the screen will display “sieve reset”. Release the button once the message is displayed on screen. Press the bell button once and the screen will display “sieve reset successful”. Press the power button to turn on the Inogen One® G3 and use normally.

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